Raising Finance for a Distressed Business

Raising finance for businesses with CCJ’s or are in a distressed manner is hard, we be honest with you. All is not lost as we work with lenders that are happy to help businesses trade out of the situation and are willing to lend to them.

Business directs and owners saying this type of thing. The single biggest reason small to medium sized enterprises in the UK struggle to grow and flourish is inadequate funding and cash flow, usually combined with a poor understanding of financial systems and control.

In our experience of raising finance business owners, shareholders and directors have been badly let down by the traditional lending model and the high street banks. Business banking for most SMEs is nothing more than a process and clearing facility for money in and money out.

Frankly it is embarrassing to ask a so called “business manager” at branch level for a loan when they have no real clue about what it takes to operate a business. Most high street banks have given up lending to businesses, even more so if you have a CCJ. All too often most lends are done via a computer input so its no or Yes, subject to putting your home on the line as security.

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The World of Business Finance has Changed

The world of business finance has changed and the enterprising business owner, shareholder or director has many more choices and opportunities to secure funding for his or her business.

Most successful high performance businesses have a well capitalised and funded operation and the funding is the critical success factor in many business models. So if you’re struggling, give us a call and let us discuss what finance options are open to you.

We have access to a wide range of business funders, and understand what they like and don’t like and what you need to do to secure funding. In this way, we save our clients time and disappointment by ensuring we match your their with the right funding solution.

Funding Solutions include:

Equity Investment – Do you need structural funding of the long term to develop the business model? Business Angels with money to invest are happy to provide expertise, and experience and of course money in return for some ownership of the business.

Peer to Peer – Peer to Peer Lending is an increasingly popular method of borrowing. Indeed, the Peer to Peer Finance Association predicts the total borrowed by businesses and consumers in this way by the end of 2015 will be £4 billion – almost double the figure from 2014. Is it right for your business?

Invoice Finance – Are you growing your sales base and need funds to help fund that growth gap. If you have a sales ledger and have outstanding invoices you can get up to 80% of the invoice paid within 24 hours.

Spot Finance – You may not want anything more than a short term cash injection and therefore we can arrange for commercial finance to provide up to 80% of your invoice(s) as a one off rather than an ongoing funding arrangement or even for just one invoice for a month as and when you need the cash.

Trade Finance – Do you buy and sell goods and need to finance the purchase of stock from a UK or EEC or overseas supplier, but need to make a pro forma payment? Trade finance is designed to fund the purchase of stock or raw materials and provide payment to suppliers.

Short term Loans – We have a panel of trusted and vetted short term funders who provide short term loans for a few weeks to fund items like a supplier payment or payroll

Asset Based Lending – If you need funds to purchase capital equipment such as cars, computers or equipment we have a panel of lenders who specialise in asset based lending

Credit Card Processing – If you process a large number of credit card transactions we can arrange loans based on clawing back a % of future card transactions, this works well for retail and e-trader clients.

Enterprise Loan Guarantee – The loan guarantee provided by HM Treasury to UK Banks helps secure and grants significant bank lending for qualifying businesses. Securing an ELG and grants is complex and time consuming so it helps to speak to experts.

We work our hardest to ensure our are our clients can have access to the type of Business Finance they need. Raising finance investment that they need to support and manage the financial control function for their business.

Interim Finance Directors can be offered in which we work with the senior teams of all the major high street banks, private banks, and commercial lenders. As part of our business group we have one of the largest business finance brokerages. This ensures you the the business funding you need to grow in a timely manner.

Many businesses struggle from cash flow problems and raising finance. We have helped hundreds of distressed business become stronger, more focused and generate better profits and cash. Not only will we help you now but we will also ensure that your business is stronger for the future.