Company backed by boxing star Anthony Joshua collapses into liquidation


Pulseroll founder Paul McCabe with members of British GymnasticsAnthony Joshua-backed company goes out of business and is liquidated. Although the company’s website is still up and running, it’s unclear if the brand will survive with a new owner.

An Anthony Joshua-backed muscle rehabilitation and recovery brand’s Manchester-based company has filed for liquidation.

According to a notice submitted to The Gazette, Pulseroll, which has listed the likes of Sale Sharks, Burnley FC, Salford City FC, as well as British Rowing and Leicester City FC among its clients, has went into creditors’ voluntary liquidation.

To oversee the liquidation procedure, Cowgills’ Craig Johns and Jason Elliot have been chosen.

Restructure at Anthony Joshua-backed Pulseroll

“Joining the Pulseroll family as an investor and ambassador is just the beginning,” declared Joshua. I’m eager to contribute to the creation of the subsequent generation of recovery technologies.

“I always use the items, even when I’m not training, so I can attest to the fact that they benefit me on a daily basis.

Naturally, working up a good amount of physical exhaustion in preparation for the next battle. I firmly believe that maintaining performance depends on recovery.

I routinely use all of the products, but I never leave home without my small gun because it’s so portable and convenient to use anywhere.

In an interview with BusinessLive in the beginning of 2023, Mr. McCabe stated that the business was in talks to invest with a top England football player.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, Pulseroll laid off two of its staff, which led to the interview. How many jobs may be impacted by the liquidation decision is unknown.

The CEO at the time claimed that the decision was not a “knee jerk reaction” and that it had been “long and hard” considered.

In the year leading up to August 2022, Mr. McCabe added, Pulseroll’s revenue climbed from £2 million to £2.35 million.

We’re now in a number of investment negotiations and the situation is very interesting, he said.

In a really difficult environment, we did pretty well the previous year.

In a thorough interview with BusinessLive in May 2022, Mr. McCabe discussed his ‘eureka’ moment when he recognised Pulseroll could succeed, how he convinced Anthony Joshua to invest in the business, and his future goals.

In Summary

Pulseroll, a muscle rehabilitation and recovery brand backed by Anthony Joshua, has filed for liquidation, signaling an uncertain future for the company. Although the website is still operational, it is unclear if the brand will survive under new ownership. Pulseroll counted prestigious clients such as Sale Sharks, Burnley FC, Salford City FC, British Rowing, and Leicester City FC among its customer base. The liquidation process will be handled by Craig Johns and Jason Elliot of Cowgills.

Prior to the liquidation, Pulseroll faced challenges that included laying off two employees. Anthony Joshua, an investor and ambassador for the brand, had expressed his belief in the effectiveness of Pulseroll’s products. The company’s CEO, Mr. McCabe, mentioned potential investment talks with a prominent English football player.

Despite facing difficulties, Pulseroll’s revenue had shown growth in the year leading up to August 2022. The liquidation announcement raises questions about the future of the brand and its operations.

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