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insolvency practitioners in north londonLicensed Insolvency Practitioners operating out of East London who specialise solely in giving insolvency advice and providing insolvency options to sole traders, individuals, partnerships and companies. Having two qualified Licensed Insolvency Practitioners in our firm we provide personal & corporate insolvency advice covering the whole of London. 

Wherever you are in London or the surrounding areas one of our qualified Licensed Insolvency Practitioners can provide you with free and initial confidential corporate and personal advice.  We will offer clear and concise explanation of the insolvency options that are open to you to enable you to make an informed decision as to which option you wish to follow.

If you believe your company is at risk of insolvency, you’ve come to the right place to start getting the help it so desperately needs during these worrying times.

Welcome to Business Insolvency Helpline London

We are a firm of licensed Insolvency Practitioners who specialise in providing small companies in London with solvent and insolvent solutions. Our team has over 30 years’ experience in the insolvency sector, working for local, national and international firms. Combined, we have been working with small companies for over 49 years, so we are confident we have the expertise you need.

If you need support with your distressed business or help handling your company’s debt then Business Insolvency Helpline could be the answer. What do you do when your business isn’t working? When creditors are banging on the door, the HMRC has not been paid and your employees are asking about payroll it can seem like the end of the world. Even though you might not realise it right now, you still have options.

10-point assessment plan

By carrying out this 10-point assessment plan you’ll be able to establish exactly what sort of situation your business venture is in. From there you can begin to take the steps that will turn your business around and potentially save it from a winding up petition or anything else that will result in a complete collapse.

  1. What is it that is making you worried about the situation of your business? Be honest with yourself.
  2. Is your company or business insolvent? Can the company pay its debts as and when they fall due?
  3. If the business is insolvent this does not mean that your company or business has to stop trading today. It means that you as a director you have a legal responsibility to learn about the situation and act accordingly.
  4. Comply a spreadsheet with all the company’s debts, this creditors report will be a positive step. Include any bank loans, P2P funding, asset finance, suppliers and landlords.
  5. Do not go on last years’ accounts, take the information from up-to date creditor statements and your accountancy software if its up-to date.  This will get a clear picture of the company’s financial position.
  6. Now on a different column on the spreadsheet add all the assets the business has. Include cash in hand and at bank, stock, work in progress, debtors (those are your clients that owe you money). Also add assets such as vehicles, machinery or property.
  7. Write down the positive stuff like good products or services, order book, promised contracts etc.
  8. Having this information on a spreadsheet you will be able to see quickly whether there is more in the negative column than in the positive or vice versa.
  9. Now think if the business has a good future. Assess what is required to get the business back on a safe and sound footing. Again be honest, if you see too many problems to continue then you may have to stop.
  10. Speak to experts who can take an outside view if the business is viable to go forward.

North London’s leading specialist insolvency practice

Our team of Insolvency Specialists in London offer individuals, partnerships and companies a professional service that is delivered with care and empathy.

At Business Insolvency Helpline we offer:

  • Advice offered to London-based professionals, businesses and firms
  • A clear assessment of your option before a formal insolvency process begins
  • Calm and efficient resolution of insolvency issues

Business Helpline, we are here to help and advise clients on which is the best possible route for under performing business. Our clients vary from individual professionals, small businesses to medium sized companies across the UK.

For any firm or individual facing the possibility of insolvency in the London area we are a locally based Insolvency firm, that can advise you on how to deal with formal insolvency procedures correctly.

London Business Rescue

Our professional team in London has a mass of experience and know exactly what it means to take some of the pressure off stressed company directors with personal insolvency solutions. Working with limited company directors, charge holders, stakeholders and creditors we air to provide the best experience in a bad situation.

Solvent businesses are offered can close down using a members voluntary liquidation, this will allow shareholders to be repaid in full. If the company is insolvency with financial difficulties you will need to use one of the following processes : company voluntary arrangement, voluntary liquidation or a pre pack administration. 

If you need a practical introduction to the work of an experienced Insolvency, Restructuring & Turnaround Specialists in London contact us. If it is not possible to rescue a business, we assist clients by employing a number of tactics.

Your insolvency practitioner will be able to inform you of the best option for your business. These are three of the most common options for insolvent companies:

Each of these options has advantages and disadvantages for your business, and none are perfect for every business. Depending on your company’s financial situation and viability, one of the above options may be more suitable than the others.

Still need more information about our London-based offices?

Business Insolvency Helpline started to offer help and advice in 2001 and is a trading arm of Bridgestone Insolvency. We specialise in business rescue, turnaround and insolvency and we’re certainly no strangers to working alongside businesses from the capital city of England.

As leading insolvency specialists to small and medium sized businesses we have had great success year on year company recovery and preserving jobs and personal wealth. Our network has grown and to degree that we can offer outstanding business solutions that maybe needed in a distressed situation. With our outstanding team of licensed insolvency practitioners in London, we hope to resolve most problems with business debts and insolvency.

Contact us via the online enquiry form or via the telephone number above and a licensed insolvency practitioner will make contact with you and discuss your financial difficulties in confidence. We are happy to meet limited company directors and carry out our consultation at your accountants office or nationwide.

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