What is The Gazette?

the gazetteFor more than three and a half centuries, it has documented the UK’s past, formally logged public data, and showcased an online profile for each UK firm registered at Companies House – yet, are you familiar with The Gazette?

Although it’s recognised as the official public archive, a significant number of UK entrepreneurs are unaware of its presence.

In this article, we’ll delve into the essence of The Gazette and highlight the key points every business proprietor should be aware of

Official public record

Dating back to 1665, The Gazette has chronicled over 2 million announcements of pivotal moments, such as the Great Plague, Wellington’s triumph at Waterloo, and the recent demise of Queen Elizabeth II.

From its initial days, when it disseminated news on behalf of the Crown and Executive, it has evolved into the Government’s official bulletin board. Beyond listing military roles and advancements, royal updates, and crucial financial, civic, and legal announcements, it also maintains an online public profile for every UK enterprise affiliated with Companies House.

Its objective, as stated, is to ‘offer a precise and impartial depiction of a company on a formal platform’, utilising data from authoritative sources.

Each year, over 200,000 announcements are made and indelibly stored in The Gazette. It has established itself as a reliable repository of data, frequently consulted by individuals and entities nationwide, including financial institutions, legal experts, the wider public, genealogy enthusiasts, and scholars.

What you can expect to find

The London Gazette is predominantly utilised to look up recipients of military accolades and recognitions, but it also encompasses details on a plethora of other topics. These comprise:

  • Notices of corporate and individual insolvency
  • Business details, for instance, notices of liquidation
  • Announcements related to planning and transportation
  • Individual legal announcements such as name alterations and estates of the deceased
  • Honours lists for the Queen’s Birthday and New Year
  • Awards for civilians
  • Premium bonds winning draw numbers (distinct supplement)
  • Appointments and advancements in the Naval, military, and Royal Air Force sectors.

What is my Gazette company profile and how is it formed?

Your Gazette business profile offers a thorough and complimentary record of corporate details, showcased on a specialised online page, reflecting the latest data about your enterprise.

You might be unaware, but if your business is affiliated with Companies House, an online Gazette profile for it is already in place.

This profile is curated by aggregating information from various authoritative sources, including The Gazette’s own archives and announcements, coupled with data from Companies House.

Can I make changes to my Gazette company profile?

Yes, while your business profile is automatically generated for you, you have the option to claim it and enhance the company details by adding more specific information if you desire. Nonetheless, there’s a nominal charge associated with this.

To make your profile more prominent for those who might be searching via The Gazette’s search tool, you can incorporate valuable information such as:

  • Your website’s link
  • Your business emblem
  • Connections to your social media accounts
  • A direct contact number
  • A tailored description of your enterprise

A bespoke profile on The Gazette not only aids in distinguishing your business to those browsing but can also bolster credibility and showcase your adherence to business regulations when vying for contracts or providing quotes.

To personalise your profile, head to The Gazette’s website and input your official company information, encompassing your company registration number and the director’s specifics.

Should your email address not match your company’s name, supplementary documents will be required to confirm your identity.

After registration and validation, an email containing a link will be sent to you, granting access to your company profile account where you can effortlessly modify your online presence. It’s worth mentioning that alterations might require up to two days for completion.

Upon signing in, you also have the option to obtain the official Gazette digital business emblem and associate your company profile with your website’s footer and digital correspondences.

Can I remove my company profile?

The details showcased in your company profile are sourced from authoritative records in The Gazette, data from Companies House, or a blend of both. By law, this information must be displayed in The Gazette, so it’s not possible to delete it.

Nonetheless, if you hold any reservations about the content in your company profile, it’s advisable to reach out to The Gazette and converse about your concerns with them.

How does a Gazette company profile help my business?

Being a reputable and dependable information reservoir, featuring your company profile on The Gazette can bolster your business’s trustworthiness in the eyes of prospective clients.

Every UK-registered company is listed in The Gazette, and it’s estimated that their online archive garners approximately 17 million page visits annually.

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The Gazette stands as a testament to the UK’s rich history and commitment to transparency. Serving as the official public record for centuries, it has meticulously documented a myriad of events, from military honours to corporate notices. Its enduring presence underscores its significance and reliability as a trusted source of information.

For businesses and individuals alike, The Gazette not only offers a window into the past but also provides crucial, up-to-date details that influence decisions and shape perceptions in the present. In an age of fleeting digital news, The Gazette remains a steadfast beacon of authenticity and authority.

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